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    Advantages of Mobile Blogging

    Mobile Litratista is just your run-of-the-mill web log. Every thing about this blog is ordinary except for one fact: A handheld device is responsible for everything you see here. This isn't just a gimmick or publicity stunt. You really can blog on the go with your nifty, little gadget. While tablets have become quite popular these days, I think smartphones are still preferable due to their mobility. If you're interested in moblogs, then you've come to the right place. Roughly two seconds from now you will read about my thoughts on mobile blogging after the break.
    Mobile Blogging is a unique way to share your content whenever and wherever possible. A sudden idea or a desire to write something will not have to wait as long as you have your mobile device. Publish your lightbulb moments on the go. This way, your thoughts and emotions remain fresh and you don't end up forgetting them.
    The editing options available may be limited depending on what phone you are using. If you have access to blog apps like Blogger-Droid, editing your posts will be less painful.
    It's easy to incorporate other media in your blog. You can either email the content to your blog host, upload it via ImageShack or Photobucket (don't forget to get the code which you can copy and paste on your post) or just use the options on your blog app of choice. If you would rather edit or enhance your photos and videos first before sharing them, there are thousands of mobile apps out there that you can use. PicSay Pro is a personal favorite.

    Since social apps can easily be accessed on your mobile device, generate more traffic by tweeting or posting on Google plus or Facebook. Also, keeping track of your blog's activity and responding to readers' comments and feedback are more efficient esp. if you have access to email.

    On the days your mind is overflowing with ideas and images, don't just make a list. Publish them on a moblog.


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    2. Hey thanks for this information. This is really very interesting. You are right as tablet is more used today so this is very beneficial to blog from mobile as Tablet PCs is also type of big mobile phone.
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