• The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera. ~W. Eugene Smith

    Mystery Photo #8

    This one is pretty easy. A personal favorite. More than once, I had to stop myself from buying the entire rack. o_o;

    I checked Wikipedia and it said our mystery photo is most popular in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Poland, France, Hong Kong, and Portugal. Happy guessing!


    1. Maltesers? :D It's interesting how the color of the cover is green.

      By the way, nice blog. I love the mobile photos taken here. ^__^

    2. Hi Doumeki and Karla. You are both correct. ^^

      The cover color is red which I intentionally tweaked. Funny thing is, I had to ask for help because I'm very bad with colors. @_@

      I'm glad you found this blog. I thought no one would answer that, haha! Thank you so much.



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