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    How I Started Moblogging

    Today, Mobile Litratista turns one week old. I am no expert blogger (it shows) but still, I'm in high spirits about my moblog's progress.
    In a week's time, I moved things around, added new pages, used
    and abused
    social media, relearned basic HTML codes, edited my template's  HTML and failed, tried again and succeeded, found out about pageranks, meta tags, SEO, Nuffnang, Google Adsense, Technorati and other thingamajigs.
    I know I still need to accomplish more of these behind-the-scene tasks and bring quality content to the table at the same time. As exciting as it maybe, I still have a lot of things on my plate at work/IRL. I need to strike a balance!
    As of writing, I'm looking for more apps that can help me become more productive. That first purchase from the Android Market really helped bring this moblog to life. Blogger-droid, 196 php ($4.69) in case you're interested.
    That's it for now. I'd love to hear your thoughts about blogging and life in general. Move me with your success stories. XD Comment!


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