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    Featured Photo #5

    Up, Up, And Away!
    "My dog, Cognac, is off to dreamland! I could not resist how adorable he looks while sleeping so I quickly took a shot of him. :)"

    Submitted by Karla
    Sony Ericsson K800
    Note: Please click on the photo to see a higher resolution version.

    Karla writes about a variety of things including travel and volunteerism. Her awesome blog, As Told By Karla, is rich in pictures and details! Come visit!


    1. Yeah, Cognac is cute. Adorable in his 'play dead' form.

    2. Lol! What a cutie! And what an adorable name for him. :p

    3. Thanks for featuring Cognac! ^__^ He does look like a floor rug there, hehe.



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