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    Mystery Photo #9 ★

    Ahh creativity, long time no see.

    Hello everyone! Here I am again with another Creative Thoughts entry. Please take a good look at this photo and tell me what you see.

    As always, mystery photos marked with a ★ aim to make use of your creative juices. There are no right or wrong answers. Just creative thoughts.

    So what does this photo look like to you? To me, it's a castle dungeon! Your turn. :)

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    1. what is this? Haha. Welllll, to me it looks like a plight of stairs leading to a house on top of a hill. :)

    2. Perfect!

      Hmm...I also see a big nose, haha.

    3. Is that a harp? :) That pic is a tricky one!

    4. guitar! but kinda looks like a snake to me. :P

    5. I would like this as a title

      "The mating dance of the king cobra." lol

    6. Interesting answers! :)

      Thanks for dropping by y'all.



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